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Many people are becoming more socially conscious of where their produce comes from. There are a number of factors that inform this. Consumers consider sustainable farming practices, locally sourcing products, and animal welfare, among other factors. Buying farm to table produce means we know the providence of our food. We can judge its many factors and decide how good it is. All Natural Meat Co are farmers, butchers and retailers of our meat products. This means you can get truly farm to table meat from us, know that we care for all the stages of the meat production.

Farm To Table Meat Starts On The Farm

the farm to table meat family

Farm to table meat production starts with our care of the animals and the land. All our cows are grass-fed and our pigs are happy and healthy. We care for our animals and ensure they have good lives. While not (yet) a formally organic farm we use no chemicals or hormones on our stock.

There are many things a smart farmer can do to improve his/her stock without resorting to chemicals. An example of this is our use of cross-grazing with camels.  We move our pigs so the land gets the opportunity to recover. By improving the land we improve our stock. When we follow sustainable practices the welfare of our land and animals relates directly to the quality of the meat we sell.

Cross Grazing as part of our farm to plate meat farmingWe protect the land because the land is what grows and nourishes our produce. When you farm sustainably one is connected to the other. But it goes further than that. For instance, we have worked hard to protect the riparian zones of our farm. Protecting the waterways is important to our shared ecology. We’re very grateful for the help from Tweed Shire Council who helped us plant so many trees around our waterway. Our riparian zone is now fenced, so animals can’t walk there and churn it up. And it has plenty of new trees growing there also. We hope that with practices like this we can hand down a more healthy farming environment to the next generation.

Farm To Plate Is About Leadership

It is our hope that we can, in some small way, show leadership within the farming community. If we can demonstrate that our farm to table meat production works for us, is both economically and environmentally sustainable, then we can lure other farmers to our methods. Farming is a unique business. You and your family live on the land that provides for your family. Many farmers would welcome ways of reducing the use of chemicals on their farm. But they need to know that they can still maintain the economic welfare of their farm and family. We hope that by showing leadership in the area of sustainable farming we can show a path for others to follow us.

Why Farm To Table Meats

We work hard to ensure the quality and quantity of our produce is sustainable for the land and also economically. You see that in our use of camels for instance. More importantly, our entire business philosophy is built around the farm-to-table ethos. Our ability to bring our produce from our farm to your table means we can get a fair price for our meats. That allows us to continue the work we do, both on improving and protecting the land and animals, but also our business and our family. For us, the whole is connected to the individual components. Each element of production and selling of our products is value to our land, our business and our family. All members of our family work with the business. Our youngest farmer, Jorja Fay Smith, is seen at the markets regularly. We hope one day that the farm will pass down to this next generation.

Jorja is our youngest farm to plate meat farmer

This is why we follow the farm to table meat market. It connects us to our land, our family to the business and the business to our consumers. Whereas most farmers have no idea who buys their meat, we personally hand our produce to our consumers, know them as friends and customers. By selling farm to plate we complete the cycle and community of growing meat. That process ends with and is dependant on you, the people who buy our products. For that you have our thanks and gratitude. We hope you understand that you are part of something bigger. When you purchase meat from us you’re part of the care for the land, of the animals and (of course) of our business and family.

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