Sophie Gow and James Pollock

IT, Social media and website developers

What I love most about being part of the All Natural Meat Co. family is:

We are honoured to be part of the All Natural Meat Co team. James and I have been customers of All Natural Meat Co for a long time. We have always been impressed with the quality of the meat and the story behind it. So, when Peter mentioned that he needed help with the social media side of the business we jumped at the opportunity. The ethos of All Natural Meat Co is one we believe in which makes it very easy to “sell” on social media. That, and the property is so photogenic and the family are great to work with!

We had the opportunity to visit Peter, Lee, Jorja and Hayden at the farm last month. We were fortunate to have a comprehensive tour of the property; including the butcher shop and cabins. Photos and stories from this visit will be seen in future newsletters, Facebook, Instagram and of course the new website.

My favourite meal is:
Sophie: I know that because I am working for a pork and beef producer I should say my favourite meal is a pork or beef one, but in all honesty, I can’t go past a lamb roast.
James: Caramelised pork belly. I haven’t made it but I certainly love eating it!

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