Natural Sustainable Pork

Natural sustainable pork is pork that is raised with farming practices that lead to a clean product and an improving land quality. At All Natural Meat Co we focus on caring for our land and preparing pork and pork products that are natural and sustainable. In this article we discuss some of  ways we make our pork natural and sustainable. And why that also makes for a better product for you, our consumers.

All All Natural Meat Co products (that was awkward) are raised free from hormones, pesticides and unnatural growth factors (such as the use of antibiotics).

Free range pigs produce natural and sustainable pork
Free range pigs produce natural and sustainable pork

Sustainable Farmed Pork From Happy Nimbin Pigs

For us it is hard to separate animal welfare from sustainable farming. We combine our farming practices in a way that gives our pigs a great life. And it’s good for the farm. All our pigs are free range and we move them from paddock to paddock to improve the soil. They’re kept in a paddock by electric fences. We pick the area that has a lot of weeds and let the pigs do the work for us. It’s a job they’re happy to perform. Pigs will overwork a paddock though so we move them on before their good work does damage to the paddock.

Our pigs eat a lot of grass. In a factory setting pigs won’t eat much grass. But the fact is, they love it. They’ll mow down an over-grown paddock in a matter of weeks. Once they’ve done their job we roll the paddock with an aerating machine.

That’s an example of how animal welfare and land welfare work hand in hand. We know our pigs have a good life because we see them every day, eating, socialising and enjoying the benefits of living on our farm just minutes from Nimbim. That’s why we call them the happy pigs of Nimbin. (And because hardly anyone has heard of Doon Doon, where these pigs actually live.)

Baby pigs being raised naturally on our sustainable farm
Baby pigs being raised naturally on our sustainable farm

Our Family Farm Is Shared With Our Families Of Happy Pigs

The pigs shown in this video are being raised not more than 100 metres from our home. That’s our family home where we live; Lee, Jorja, the big bloke on horse (Pete), and Hayden. It’s important for us to keep our family healthy, just as I’m sure it is for you. That’s where the interests of our pigs and our family intersect. We don’t want chemicals going into the land in which we live and the food we eat. Apart from raising sustainable natural pork and beef and we also grow produce for our own table here on the farm. Like a lot of families, we want that to be as pure and healthy as possible.


How Raising Natural Sustainable Pork Impacts On Quality

The most natural way for us to convince you that our natural pork is the great pork is for you to taste it. If you’re reading this though, perhaps you’ve discovered this blog and you’ve not yet tasted our meat, then you might want some convincing. So here are a few things that impact the quality of our meat.

For starters, a natural and diverse diet naturally improves meat flavour. We described above how our pigs live and work within our sustainable farming systems. They spend a lot of time in the paddock just doing what a pig does.

The pigs live in an environment that is natural to them. They’re in open paddocks, not house in feed lots or cages. It’s a pleasant life for pigs. A life without undue stress. Our sustainable pork meat is free from the kind of stress hormones a pig (or any animal, humans included) will produce when stressed.

We also raise a different pig from feedlot pigs. Our pigs have to be more resistant to the natural life. That includes factors like sunburn. Different pigs will produce different tasting pork. The pork raised by many growers isn’t  necessarily raised for the taste a primary factor.

Our pigs take longer to raise for market than a standard pork product does. Our sustainable pork farming methods and the heritage pig we breed use take longer than other pork products you could buy.  This gives the pork meat longer to grow the complex flavours that make a great pork product. Good pork is slightly sweet, unctuous and meaty. We’re confident that on trying our natural and sustainable pork you’ll find for yourself how good pork can be.

Happy pigs grown naturally and sustainably
Feed and they will come.

Is Natural And Sustainable Pork Expensive?

When we reflect on the care and the time we take to raise our pork, it’s important to reflect on another factor. Cost. The cost of raising pork this way is up to five times higher than other pork raised in Australia. We feel that the cost is not reflected in the prices we sell at. By selling direct to public at farmers’ markets can deliver our product at a great price. It costs more than what you might pay at a supermarket. But the product is very different. For us, we’d hate to have to farm our pork in any other way. For the consumer, we offer the choice based on great flavours and sustainable farming.

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